Nobu VI Beetroot, Goat cheese and Walnut, best vegieburger ever

Just as the title says the best.
Nobu: NOtenBUrger, Dutch for NUtBUrger

Recipe for 5 burgers

The burger:
200 gr Walnuts
three quarters of a red pepper, deseeded
1 onion
2 cloves of garlic
150 gr soft goat cheese
330 gr red beetroot
150 gr very fine bread-crumbs
half a bunch parsley

The batter
Self rising flour

1. Roast the walnuts for about fifteen minutes in the oven at 200 degrees.
2. Chop all the vegetables roughly, remove the stalks from the parsley, deseed the red pepper. Put all the ingredients in your kitchen machine, preferably a magimix. , and blitz all the ingredients finely. Make sure the you dont blitz the walnuts to fine walnuts remain a bit coarse to get that good burger “bite”. You can also keep a few walnuts apart and chop those more roughly and put them with the mixture later on. The mixture structure should be fine, if not the kneading will be difficult.
3. Mix all the ingredients together, with the fine bread crumps at the last moment. Do make sure the mixture is not to dry, (it shouldn’t fall apart when you try to pick it up) but it also shouldn’t be too wet (that it sticks to your hand if you try to pick it up). Altough it may sound strange; the mixture is better a bit too dry than to wet. Adjust the mixture by adding some bread crumps or a little water.
4. Knead all the ingredients together by hand.
5. Mould the mixture into round burgers, about a finger thick, each weighing 120 to 150 grams..
6. Make a batter from water and self-rising flour. The texture off the batter should be just a bit thicker than full cream yoghurt.
7. Put on some gloves and coat the burgers with the batter. and deep-fry them in oil with temperature of 180 degrees until they’re light brown. Make sure the burgers don’t stick tot the deep-fry basket. The best way to do this, is to let them slide in slowly and shake the basket a bit. Sometimes the batter doesn’t coat the burger when you deep-fry it and the burger will burn. If that happens you should add more flour to your batter and thicken it.
8. Let the burgers cool down. Don’t staple them together or put plastic around them; as long as they haven’t cooled down, the burgers will stick to every touch.


Take a vegieburger and deepfry it for 2 minutes until its purple/golden brown.
Cut open your hamburger bun: put it in the oven for 4 minutes, put salsa on one side mayonnaise on the other side of the bun. Insert the burger, close the bun and enjoy.

Serving tip: the Nubu veggie burger is especially good with a salad made from fresh lettuce.

This is a difficult recipe, is takes a lot of love and precision to make these burgers.
Your burgers may fail the first time….don’t be daunted to try again.

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